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Scars and Songs (2000)

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Scars And Songs (2000) - Plot & Excerpts

Scars and Songs...Could pretty much cover the whole series! I really liked them all. This review is going to intermingle my thoughts on book two and three, at the same time.I read two and I was twisted in knots... Waiting, wanting, and needing them to just do something, anything to stop the torture. I love the plot of this series, it really made me think about my faith. 2000 years people... Holding out for the love of your 'lifetimes'! Pure and tortured devotion! Now that being said I was a bit over the long suffering and as much as I loved these characters ( all of them )and their journey. I was getting ready to scream and blog the lovely author ( scary I know, hehehe ) about just how annoyed I was getting. Cheese and Rice how drawn out can this get and how stupid can two people be?(A) Stupid(B) Pretty Stupid(C) Really Effing Stupid(D) ALL THE ABOVE *matching the levels of douchery Shane Shane Shane. I absolutely adored the Mad World books, so to get one from Shane's POV is awesome. I thought I loved him before, I think I fell even more with our poet quoting rock God. especially when you find out everything he gave up for her and you see from his POV how much and how hardly he really did love her. this book made me hate Gabriel even more than I did before. and the epilogue, Omg! I smiled, giggled and then I got nervous. I thought Gabriel was done. God I hope Shane sings to Christine again. who doesn't want more Shane!?!?

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3.5 stars....didn't quit like it as much as the first two but still worth the read.

Shane's POV... To know what I know now, I might have to start all over again

Amazeballs! ❤️Shane

3.5 stars

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