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Read Online: Science Fiction


Mercy Street (2008)

Pocketing them, he got out of the car and walked around to the passenger side. He opened the door and reached over Mallory’s still form to unfasten her seat belt. “Come on, Mal,” he said softly. “We need to get you inside, get you cleaned up.” It didn’t take an EMT to tell she was in shock, and h...

Mercy Street (2008) by Mariah Stewart

Rock Me Deep

Leaning on the inside of my hotel room door, I buried my palm on my chest and hyperventilated. Holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit. Drezden had kissed me. Kissed me. Holy fucking shit. Reaching up, I dragged my fingers over my lips. His taste remained; cinnamon and tobacco. I should have hate...

Rock Me Deep by Nora Flite

Closed Doors

I give out my presents and all I get are mumbles from Da, a kiss from Granny and a pat on the head from Ma. There are no hugs or excitement from anyone except me. I get a bike with streamers. It’s a red Chopper. I could faint like a girl. I get an Etch A Sketch, a car that moves with batteries, a...

Closed Doors by O'Donnell, Lisa

Seduced by a Dragon (Erotic Horror)

I sucked on a beer to get my mind off of it, with little success. Beer was one of the few things worth anything in this shithole planet, and that was only if you added meat byproducts to the grain-piss. But even alcohol couldn’t suppress the growing rumbles in my stomach. “Goddamn fuckin’ bastard...

Seduced by a Dragon (Erotic Horror) by J. J. Abraham

Red Noon

Takahiro Nakamura stood in back of his team watching with his Captain as the Pinal County Sheriff gave them an update on the situation. The atmosphere in the room made him feel like he was gearing up for a war. Judging from that video it felt like he was. The heavy guy didn’t seem all that coordi...

Red Noon by Capri Montgomery

Everyone Burns

Lord Buddha, The Dhammapada   By the time I left Peter Ashley’s hotel last night I was completely drained of coherent thought.     I told him everything I knew about the murders except the addresses of PC and DTs, and where to find Jingjai.     I had worrie...

Everyone Burns by Dolan, John

Resonance 4th Edits - Bleeding Worlds Bk 3 (2014)

The space was filled with a few wood benches. Plain, utilitarian, like the rest of the facility. But it had a washroom where Fuyuko could lock the door, splash some water on her face, and have a moment to breath without the eyes of everyone else on her.     It wasn’t a safe pl...

Resonance 4th Edits - Bleeding Worlds Bk 3 (2014) by Justus R. Stone

Dial Em for Murder (2016)

Then again, maybe he was afraid that he’d accidentally let something slip. Something even bigger than his own mysterious connection to Sebastian St. James. Given that I had known within seconds of my first encounter with Sebastian that he was a rich entitled punk, it wasn’t surprising that he’d a...

Dial Em for Murder (2016) by Bates, Marni

Fire Girl

The Witch War is over. England is free from the tyrannical King.     The Daily Thunderer, July 1644 Hazel stood at the end of a neglected bridge spanning the gorge to Rivenpike. On the other side was a half-ruined gatehouse with two towers studded with gun loops. The river chu...

Fire Girl by Matt Ralphs


I think he’s going for conservative church boy, but his slacks are tailored perfectly to his muscular quads, and his metal plaque brown belt and expensive leather shoes make him seem way too fashionable to fool me. Even his blonde hair is perfectly styled off to the side, revealing the horizontal...

Challenge by Amy Daws

Contemporary Women's Fiction: Agnes Hopper Shakes Up Sweetbriar (Humorous Women's Fiction)

Putting first things first, I untied a box of clothes and rummaged around until I found, not candy, but a sleek, cream-colored radio Henry had given me, a display item from his Western Auto. My old Philco had always sat in my kitchen, close to the stove. Too close. First thing I asked about after...

Contemporary Women's Fiction: Agnes Hopper Shakes Up Sweetbriar (Humorous Women's Fiction) by Carol Heilman

Blue Lavender Girl (2012)

They are more stylish than the clothes most girls I know wear, but compared to Jenny and Aunt Maisie I feel really dull and unimaginative. Black stuff doesn’t seem to work outside the city.     I said this to Aunt Maisie just now at breakfast because she doesn’t judge me. My m...

Blue Lavender Girl (2012) by Judy May

Brick by Brick (2014)

James sounded calm, but the mathematical symbol between his brows didn’t lie. “No, never. I don’t think I can, you know?” “I don’t know. Natalie didn’t like it, when we were first together, but she didn’t try to convince me she couldn’t do it. You know yourself how good she is when she does it no...

Brick by Brick (2014) by Maryn Blackburn

If There is Something to Desire (2012)

But he did, and in the dark of the night loneliness took hold of me, like an incubus. Furious and rough was the onslaught of unchaste hands: this is the way a slave ravishes his master’s wife, a soldier rapes a schoolgirl. —I’ll tell my husband! —You’re lying. —I’ll call to him right now! —You’re...

If There is Something to Desire (2012) by Vera Pavlova

Black Tide Rising (2015)

He was back on the force. Margrethe’s disappearance was now his case. And he had a murder to investigate. He couldn’t take it all in. He glanced down at the piece of paper he held in his hand. He needed to call this guy—the commander of the North Island Division—and find out just what the hell wa...

Black Tide Rising (2015) by R.J. McMillen