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Wyne And Chocolate (Citizen Soldier Series Book 2)

Wyne and Chocolate (Citizen Soldier Series Book 2)
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Wyne And Chocolate (Citizen Soldier S...
Wyne And Chocolate (Citizen Soldier Series Book 2)

About book: He’d paddled nearly the whole damn lake, but the exertion hadn’t kept his mind from drifting to Jill. And her face yesterday. The way it lit up when she’d spotted him at Timbers.
Could someone fake that?
God, he just didn’t know. She wore that expression toward him a lot. He’d never doubted it before, hell, he used to thrill at it, but after seeing her kissing another man…in the shop he’d helped finance—the shop he’d talked his brothers into investing in… He clenched his teeth and the cracking of his jaw echoed in the wind. “Can’t fucking believe I let it happen again.” And this time, it wasn’t only affecting him; it was going to affect his family.
“Let what happen?” Ethan asked from behind.
Mason swung around and scowled. “Nothing.”
“Are you talking about Jill? Surely you aren’t saying she cheated on you?”
“Exactly what I’m saying.” He stomped out of the shed, walking anywhere his feet would go.
“No way,” his brother said, falling into step alongside him.
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