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Woman of Grace (2000)

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0800757270 (ISBN13: 9780800757274)
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Woman Of Grace (2000) - Plot & Excerpts

Haunted by her shameful past, Hannah Cutler struggles to accept the love of Devlin McKay. Brides of Culdee Creek book 2.Even though her name means "grace", Hannah Cutler struggles to accept true mercy and love—especially from Devlin MacKay, the only man who remembers her past as well as she does.This sequel to Daughter of Joy weaves an honest, emotive tale of one woman's struggle to accept redeeming love. Hannah Cutler, a former prostitute, is trying to begin her life anew. But she struggles with the notion of being loved, even by the Lord of love whom she recently accepted as her Savior.Devlin MacKay adds to Hannah's feelings of shame by unjustly blaming her for his own guilty past. But as Hannah becomes a Woman of Grace, Devlin is forced to confront his feelings for her and toward the God who has transformed her life.

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