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Witch Island (2014)

Witch Island (2014)
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Samhain Publishing, Ltd.
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Witch Island (2014)
Witch Island (2014)

About book: “What the hell was that?” Gwen asked. She was kneeling next to Melinda now, making sure the girl was all right. Darren had shoved her pretty hard. She stood and saw Shay coming from the brush, pieces of forest debris clinging to her hair. She looked okay.
“How’s Paul?” Gwen asked. “Mel’s going to be fine…” Her words faded away at seeing the look on Jim’s face.
“I think…Paul’s dead,” he said.
“What?” Shay asked.
Gwen hurried over to Paul, almost hesitating when she saw him. His eyes were open, unblinking. She knelt and felt for a pulse.
“Oh my God,” Shay said. “Do something, Gwen.”
Gwen knelt next to Paul, already knowing he was dead. His throat was crushed, his eyes lifeless. Her stomach felt queasy. She turned to look at Shay. “He’s gone.”
“No,” Shay said, shaking her head. She shoved Gwen out of the way. “Come on, baby, wake up. Wake up.”
Gwen looked at Jim, put a hand over her mouth. Tears rimmed her eyes and she blinked them away.
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