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We Shouldn't And Yet...

We Shouldn't and Yet...
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Stephanie Witter
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We Shouldn't And Yet...
We Shouldn't And Yet...

About book: I look at her shiny blond hair carefully wild to give a just fucked flair to her. She traces the line of her cleavage, again and again. Her nails painted in an odd blue color clash against her bronze skin. She’s practically begging to slide under the table to give me head, but I’m as cold as ice. Unresponsive to Cassie’s charm. It’s common since a certain young woman fucked up my head a few weeks ago.
Oh, yeah. That’s why. I need to fucking forget about that damn woman and Cassie should be the perfect fix. Only, she’s not. She’s not doing a damn thing for me. In fact, the last time I’ve been turned on was that last time with Aideen almost two weeks ago. Even my morning wood is a comedy, deflating as soon as my hand closes around it.
“Are you even listening to me, Jensen?’’ Cassie’s voice snaps me back.
I gulp my whiskey and nod, my ever-present scowl firmly in place. “Of course.’’ She frowns and pouts down in her gin tonic. “I don’t mind being used for sex.
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