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Unwrapped (2015)

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Unwrapped (2015) - Plot & Excerpts

Dark clouds rolled over the Rocky Mountains, covering the city like a sheet of gray aluminum siding. It seemed fitting. Patrick’s mind was as troubled as the skies, his thoughts a brewing storm with no ray of sunshine. A baby. It didn’t seem possible. Not for a man who had always prided himself on self-control, moderation, and responsible sex.
    Until Halloween night. That night he’d forgotten all about self-control, moderation, and responsible sex. And look where it had gotten him.
    He glanced over at the woman who sat next to him in the truck. The ditzy blonde who had given him a night he couldn’t forget had turned into a redhead who seemed to change as quickly as the Denver weather. After the accident she’d been belligerent and stubborn. Now she was all friendly and accepting. Almost too friendly and accepting.
    She glanced over and caught him studying her. She smiled, but it didn’t quite reach her eyes.

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