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Until There Was You (2008)

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Until There Was You (2008) - Plot & Excerpts

This is my first Francis Ray novel. I'm a romance fanatic, but for some reason, I've been hesitant about reading her books, despite all the good reviews that her books routinely receive. I think I was too overwhelmed by all the series that she seems to have written and couldn't figure out where to start. I wanted to read someting different, so I decided to give this book a try.Anytime I read a book in 2 days, it's pretty good. There were actually a couple of storylines, and all held my attention and were easy to follow, which is not always the case. Overall, the book was pretty good, but IMO, everything was wrapped up too neatly. Everybody was soooo nice. And although I liked Luke and Catherine, the book lacked heat and heat is a requirement for me in my romance novels. The love scenes were kinda nondescript; I was...unmoved by them. I actually had more questions than answers in the very first love scene: Was Catherine a virgin? Did they use protection? They were talking, but I was not getting what they were saying - or trying not to say. I may give Francis Ray another chance, but I don't think I'll read a book that's part of a series. This book was written a while ago, so maybe I'll try one of her more recent offerings. Maybe she's spicing things up a little now. Wednesday, February 23, 2005 10:41 AMFinish the sentence of what would either Catherine orLuke would say...Until there was you...My sweet Cath..I saw the world in white and black, but now yourlove has color my world with sun bursting colorfulhues and arrays. My love for you is at center stage!How could I've thought after being challenge by lovessilken embrace that I'd walk away untouched orunscathed for emotions have clashed with ignitingfires and Passions, forever now are YOU my desires! What was your favorite scene? Luke had so many turningand mixed emotions roaring up inside cause by hisfeelings for Catherine. It was kind of hilarious onpg. 39 he was still moaning and angry ..He was hurt hethought Catherine had MORE feelings for Hero than shedid, for him. Then perhaps though...Luke was use towomen always making a Big deal over him, and Catherinewas different, YOU go girl...Cath...Was my She-roe! Hefelt she would have not given second thoughts toblowing a hole in him. Then again it was like Lukefelt slighted one minute he took it personal andstarted talking about other men and if Catherinewould've treated them better than she treated him..The kick to Luke’s shin was hilarious!It had me rolling when Catherine thought it would makeLuke feel better knowing that the gun didn‘t after scaring the man half to death.The man probably thought he‘d be made aeunuch(((giggle))) OOOh me OOOOOh my....Group didn'tWarrior Luke look HOTTT with no shirt on and a Stetsonhat.... Ta boot...Hmmh.. Wouldn’t it be a gas to readabout some of the other Hero &heroines wearing aStetson and a smile?! Yippee aieeeeaaayyy!!! Teach methe Indian and cowboy way....heeee!I admired how Catherine was checking Luke out (after amidnight to sun rise sexual healing...wink.. wink)anyways back to the point...Luke walk to the bathroom..After giving Catherine the phone... In nothing buthis natural Buff...babee got backkk! All Catherinecould say was Oh my! Heyyy you guys what If you werein the boonies...or.. Sticks can you image how dark Itgets and just think about all those old Southern scarysuperstitions instill In you.. Hee heee, your mindworks in over drive, Then out the window you see twolarge eyes gurllll I think I'd wet myself.... No wayI’d sleep by myself that night ..Nope!The difference in the two couples: to me were a Lot!First of Luke & Catherine seemed to accept life forwhat It was In there sight. Catherine & Luke wascomfortable with their life, accepted and settled withhow their lives were not imagining that best was yetto come. For Trent & Dominique they had questions andlooked for answers. It was like their (D&T‘S) life wasa puzzle that needed putting together.. But withmissing pieces! I think Trent & Dominique was on thebrink of self-discovering. Early on I think In Trentand Dominique relationship they wanted to take thingsslow and they were not in denial about their love. Ilove the glow and the blazing fire of Love I felt frompg. 304 Trent told his Mom to come with them... Thattouches me deeply! Trent had undying & unconditionalLove in his Heart..Truly Love does cover a multitudeof sins!!!Love, clashes and challenged:Oppose to Luke &Catherine I like to call theirrelationship: Clash of the Titans! Liking to theGreek Gods & all the Drama that surrounds the GreekGods, Challenges, clashes, fires, and Passions, lastbut NOT least.. Love! Luke was both Adonis & HerculesIn one (Cath‘s protector), & Catherine Is Venus thegoddess of womanly charm and love. Venus was themother of Cupid. I felt a kindering spirit InCatherine she was.. Soooo YOUNG! Wise, a prodigy &beyond her years. Always showing unconditional Love &care! Catherine was a Sweet Spitfire,Luke & Catherine totally complimented and completeeach other. The saying of OLD still holds true today..That they are sooo much alike until they can't getalong.. Holds true with them in their beginning. Luke& Catherine agree to dis agree about being judgmentalabout the opposite sex, they bump heads a Kazillionstimes!I wont get It twisted...I confess Catherine also hadpreconceived notions about men too.Loves protected embrace:By the same token of their opinions of philosophy &Idea thoughts, they did touch and agree on helpingothers. Luke was a softy but strong tough warrior. Hehad a lot of respect for his Mom, and others. I got abig kick out of Ruth she had me In stitches when shetold Luke he had a suspicious mind after he put two &two together with the help of her chatterbox friends..Tee heee! OOOh man Luke was being bad, he tried tosell his brother down the river.. By telling his Momto marry off Morgan.. That he wouldn’t suspect athing.. Poor Luke he was tired of his Mom’santics..(Heyyyy.. I could just squeeze & hug Ruth)smile!I Love how he was very close, and stood by his familyeven from a very, young child to adult. He was verydedicated and faithful handsome man. Catherine neededthe protected embrace that Luke’s Love provided forher, and they both deserve each other to lean on andlove.Love challenges fires and Passions:Luke and Catherine’s relationship was buck wild,swampy, steamy, and erotic! For example: I felt theunleash of sexual tension flaring and misting in theair from the begining with them. Luke’s question wassort of subconsciously provocative suggested forexample: on pg. 32 Luke’s statement to Catherine,You.. Make them sweat, do you? It seem right thereCatherine awaken & challenge the wild beast In Luke!Wow she got his attention likes to no other womancould! Catherine penetrated and challenge his senses..Now that's my girl! She bought out the Beast man inhim. Catherine was, strong, tough & a Rarity destineto be Luke’s Soul mate. Luke figured it out early onbefore Catherine. Luke may also have the power of sixsenses when he was communicating with Hero.. ButCatherine’s power of pure love for the animal ruledout! Image a sexy warrior falls In Love withYOU...OOOh man...Catherine wasn’t gonna NEVER get awayfrom Luke...whummmmp...Luke was truly buck wild andalmost did it the Wild West way. His next planprobably... next was to kidnap Catherine If she didn’tcome to her senses.It was Clash of fires and Passions all the way live!Too many women or the wrong women left Luke with thewrong impression. I felt that Catherine personify anymiss conceptions about Luke's notions that all womenwere...illogical and scatter brain. She proves in herevery "action" that she was smart, brave, and hisEQUAL!I was cheering & hooraying her on when she let sexy...wild know with a steadfast &unwavering Mind that I'm grown, and have my ownthoughts and Ideas..I make my own decision whetherright or wrong...I ate that up.... Yesssssss go girlwith your bad self! Bantling blunt!She wasn’t afraid to stand her ground with Luke oranyone. Catherine had much unmeasured depth & purpose.She could stand her ground, and up to Luke for thatmatter, It was like she was a challenged that calledhim out. They were two very, very, completive spiritedSouls. OOOh I was enchanted by the magic In Luke’s music.. Isay Romantic, simply madly romantic!Even though Luke was a loner he chose to be It all soseem that Luke met women who could NOT get past hisstunning Looks. Airheads or dumb giggly blond type soto speak.Catherine was who she was she didn't felt she stood inany one‘s.. Shadow. And unlike Dominique (even thoughshe was beautiful, she experience being treated like atrophy) Trent loved her Inside out & she did him aswell. Loves silken embrace:Dominique(from the bk.ONLY HERS another great bk.) was beautiful talented and smart but shewas just starting to live, she was looking forin dependency. Catherine’s career was well established,and was the opposite without insecurities. CatherineLove unselfishly she gave her all and she felt..(Perhaps scared but I think giving up on TRUE love..later frighten her the MOST and living with out herSoul mate, In the end too) she once felt that she,wasn't whole with out conception of Luke’s baby byher. He was a family man who would make a wonderfulfather. Catherine and Luke knew themselves and werecomfortable in their skins. They were and NOT tryingto find themselves so to speak. Catherine & Luke’ssilken embrace was prehistoric steamy Hot & fieryPassionate.I Loved the reaction Catherine got out of Luke whenshe asked him if he ever flirted with a woman? Shecame through the pages as being.. Sultry &seductive.,. And with Real love thrown in the mix wellblend..& a GREAT READ.. Heyyy...ya can't beat thepower of Love!!!!!

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A very Goodread by Frances! Go Catherine and Luke for finding true Love.

I loved this book I pray that she writes one with Naomi and Richard..


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