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Turn it On (2010)

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1605048798 (ISBN13: 9781605048796)
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Turn It On (2010) - Plot & Excerpts

I thought this was a pretty good read. There were alot of "steamy" scenes for this to be categorized as "erotic" but what surprised me the most was the suspence aspect of the story.Max has kinda inherited her grandmothers home and since her moving in, weird things have been happening and she's been recieving annoying prank calls. So much so, she's hired Ryan Claymore to install one of his top of the line security system into her home. From the moment they met, there was an immediate attraction they both tried to deny. Let's just say they didn't try too hard.These two have such opposite backgrounds. Max comes from a large tight knit family and she was constantly rearranging her plans to accomodate her family. She was also use to having them always around. As for Ryan, it was just him and his half-brother Clay. For Ryan, having being around Max and her family, it was someone frightening because it wasn't anything he was familiar with but he soon learned how much her family meant to her. And for Max, being with Ryan gave her the opportunity to explore her sexuality in a way she never thought possible. Her previous relationship really screwed up her thinking in what it meant to have a true meaningful relationship, and Ryan taught her how that was supposed to be.Unfortunately, the weird pranks and vandalism was getting worse and Max eventually was hurt in the process. She ended up in a hospital and could've been seriously injured. When they finally discovered who was behind everything, everyone was shocked and just couldn't believe it...Although I kinda knew or much less had a feeling of who the culprit was, I couldn't understand the "why" behind all of it. Like I said, I liked it, it was a good read for a short story. I didn't expect a whole lot out of it and in the end, I wasn't disappointed. Short novelThe overall tone was very sweet and almost "chaste Harlequin" like, while some sections were way steamier. For the first part of the book, I honestly thought the blend weird, as if a chaste and cute book had been rewritten and edited to add racier parts. However once the main characters started having sex, I was no longer baffled by this dichotomy. The investigation and mystery behind the pranks and threats done to Maxine was really poor. The culprit was obvious from his first appearance, if not before. However the characters were nice, though a bit schematic, and their love story seemed both very realistic and romantic.

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A fun read with a hot, sexy, leading man. Yum.

So sweet! I loved this book!

3.75 stars


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