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Trouble At The Wedding (2011)

Trouble at the Wedding (2011)
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Trouble At The Wedding (2011)
Trouble At The Wedding (2011)

About book: This was at times fantastic, and at other times completely trite. I loved the heroine - she was independent, intelligent, and charismatic, without being annoying or meddlesome or a doormat. Her occasional Southernisms were charming and rarely annoying or "too much." (I do wish she didn't have to be drop dead gorgeous ... that's part of the "trite") I loved the hero - he was charming, and believably conflicted. I enjoyed their interaction. I looked forward to every stolen kiss and accidentalonpurpose clandestine meeting. ... Except for the end, which was ridiculously trite ... so sad that such an amazing book has to end like they all do... not that I mind the HEA or the marriage ... just the "oh I love him/her but he/she doesn't love me" nonsense, and the "oh, now we REALLY HAVE TO marry crap ... ugh that's all been done to death and I do believe Ms Guhrke is better than that. Ms. Guhrke's is a master at characterization. I have to admit I fell a bit in love with Christian. He was the perfect combination of tortured hero and irreverent bad boy. Annabel was wonderfully strong and independent while being feminine. The story is set in the early 1900's which is an unusual time period for historical romance but I loved it. Author's please think of writing in this time period. I think it offers a new world of opportunities with the advancements that had been made since the regency period.This was a wonderfully entertaining read and I am truly sorry this series is at an end. I can't wait to read Ms. Guhrke's next new release book.
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A great writer.. I love it!!!I love the wit Anna and well i love the story
Too much like Titanic!!!! Not worth the read.
I didn't like the lead characters very much.
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