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Trial By Fire

Trial by Fire
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Trial By Fire
Trial By Fire

About book: Frost fell, lining the leaf litter underfoot with flaky, white ice. Even Lily felt chilled. Rowan stuffed his hands under his arms as they walked, trying to stay warm.“Come here,” Lily said, putting her arm around his waist. Rowan startled at her touch, but when she didn’t let go, he wrapped an arm over her shoulder and hugged her to his chest. His whole body was trembling.“We need shelter tonight,” he said through chattering teeth.“How far are we from Salem?”“Hours. I won’t make it,” he replied honestly. Lily started rubbing his arms with her hands, trying to chafe some warmth into him. She was really cold, something she couldn’t ever remember happening to her before, but Rowan was literally freezing to death.“Can’t we build a fire?” she asked.“Not out in the open. There are Woven tracks everywhere.” He paused before continuing. “But there is a cabin nearby.”“What are we waiting for?” Lily asked enthusiastically.“It was abandoned years ago when a Woven built her nest not far from it.”
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