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Tündérszárny (2014)

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Tündérszárny (2014) - Plot & Excerpts

Review courtesy of Dark Faerie Tales.Quick & Dirty: A strong sequel that brings the UnSeelie court to 1872 London, with promises of action, secrets, and fae magic.Opening Sentence: The Killer walked boldly down the corridor of the Summer Court, his steps measured and confident.The Review:The Torn Wing is the next story in Kiki Hamilton’s The Faerie Ring series. Hamilton has done a fantastic job bringing her unique fae world into the forefront, introducing lore and myth alongside strong characters. I have been a fan since the first book, and it’s no wonder I couldn’t wait to get my hands on The Torn Wing. Hamilton set out for a great sequel, and she did not disappoint.The Torn Wing picks up where The Faerie Ring left off. Tiki is no longer just a simple street rat. She has support and love, from her family and from Reiker. Together, they are starting a new journey, protecting London from an invasion of fae. The UnSeelie is introduced as well as other dangers that lurk in the dark. Tiki must do what she can, and she must remember her past to do so. Tiki must play the role that she was set out to do, but is she strong enough to handle the truth?Tiki is still one of my favorite heroines. She has vulnerabilities and she has strengths. Hamilton has written her in a way that allows the reader to want to become her as well as to love her. Tiki has this tenacity that she brings out when needed, like a mother tiger protecting her cubs. The Torn Wing has become a progression for her storyline, specifically delving into her hidden past. There was always something about Tiki that I connected to, and her self-discovery just solidified it. She has taken everything with a grain of salt, and I admire her for that. I know other heroines would have had a freak out, but Tiki has adjusted well. Tiki is amazing, and I think you’ll feel the same.Hamilton brings new characters into her world of London street rats, British royalty, and the fae realm. She has brought us back to 1872 London, and it’s a great backdrop for this story. The wardrobe, the culture, the sounds…just all of the details that are put into play bring a unique mix into this world.The Torn Wing adds dimension to the series by transporting us to the past. Tiki’s history was always something that I was interested in and I’m finally privy to. London and the fae world bring this mix of fantasy that’s great. The story is paced nicely, allowing me to fully take in the story progression without feeling weighed down by time.I really enjoyed The Torn Wing and I think you will also.Notable Scene:Sionnach’s lips twisted in a cold smile. Donegal, king of the Winter Court, would be pleased with his success tonight, for the UnSeelie king planned to claim both the Summer and Winter thrones in an attempt to rule all of Faerie.But Donegal’s plans didn’t stop there. The UnSeelie king had promised Sionnach his freedom in exchange for two deaths. The first was that of the Seelie king – now accomplished. The second was Queen Victoria, for Winter planned to claim a third throne: England.The Killer straightened and left the dead king prone on his opulent bed. London was the perfect hunting ground for someone with his desires and abilities.He licked his lips in anticipation.FTC Advisory: Fair Wind Books provided me with a copy of The Torn Wing. No goody bags, sponsorships, “material connections,” or bribes were exchanged for my review. I hope this series keeps the momentum its on and continues to be a fun read altogether. The character development of Tiki got a lot better in this book which leads me to believe that in the next book she will be a lot stronger than now. I wouldn't want her to keep relying on Reiker for emotional support. She needs to step up to her new role and live up to her responsibilities. What I like about this series is that it is centered around some legends, like the stone used at coronation ceremonies in England. In the book, the stone is connected to the world of fairies.This book does well with embracing the fairy kingdom with a well written plot unlike many of the other fairy books I've read recently. Can't wait to see how it unfolds in The Seven Year King where Dain (my second love after Reiker) will be a central character!

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NOO! Dain is now the Seven Year King?! Woah, Dain is William's twin?! Is Tiki now queen?!

very entertaining

2.5 stars.

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