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The Tide Can't Wait (1985)

The Tide Can't Wait (1985)
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The Tide Can't Wait (1985)
The Tide Can't Wait (1985)

About book: Mrs. Doddsby had wakened her earlier than she liked—she had read until well past midnight—but the lavish breakfast had mollified her and now she relaxed by the window, finishing her tea and smoking a cigarette.
She had slept hard and well.
What had happened to her? Last night she had sat quite calmly with Rob Barr, sure that he was someone connected with this affair, listening to his casual chatter, and all the time feeling those watchful, waiting eyes on her. She discovered herself as afraid of him as she was of Leon, and yet after dinner she had been able to retire to her room, read a book sedately and then sleep as soundly as a small child.
She sat looking at Portia Sloane’s cottage, now and then bending to one side so that she could see the front half of Barr’s place. She had watched it last night after lights had come on there. She had seen him leave, lighted by his momentarily opened doorway, disappear into darkness and then appear again, silhouetted against Portia’s windows as he crossed in front of them.
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