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The Thompson Gunner (2012)

The Thompson Gunner (2012)
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The Thompson Gunner (2012)
The Thompson Gunner (2012)

About book: There are twelve of us, nine men and three women, and I’m sitting next to Terri, a location scout who has been working with Elliott somewhere outside the city for the past two days. They’ve been searching for beaches that have the features their script calls for, and a place that can look like a fishing town that’s down on its luck.
‘I’m probably only here because you need a minimum of twelve,’ she says, ‘but I thought I might as well come when Elliott asked me. You never know what these things are like unless you give them a go.’ She sits with a water bottle between her knees and tells me that she saw in the paper this morning that I’d been busy lately. She asks about Canada, and says she’s always wanted to go there, particularly to the Rockies and to that very grand old hotel that’s in either Montreal or Quebec City.
There are fewer houses now, and more dry bush. Elliott has the radio tuned to a commercial station with a playlist that owes a lot to the soundtrack of The Big Chill.
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