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The Thirteen Secrets (2000)

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The Thirteen Secrets (2000) - Plot & Excerpts

Really good series! Loved the characters and the unique settings. (can be misleading though...written for JUV readers w/ cute sparkly fairies on the covers but while the storyline fits that age group, the somewhat gruesome visuals at times would be more fit for older kids. (dead bodies w their eyes getting picked out by crows, etc.) The fairies in these books are more of the old time folklore evil type fairies...nothing glittery about them. Sadly, the covers also lead you to believe that this book is for girls when a boy would enjoy it just as much. A bit like Spiderwick.... 13 Secrets was absolutly amazing! This is the final book in the 1 Treasures trilogy. Red has joined a sort of group involved in the changling trade (the trade fairies make between fairies and humans). She intends on quitting but that does not completly work. she is called back to do one last job. But this job isn't all it seems to be. she encounters an old not so friendly friend and he is out to get her. she cannot hide for long but niether can he. I love this book because of the excitment and all the twists and turns. you never know what is coming next for Tanya, Fabian, and Red who now prefers to be called by her real name, Rowan.Read the book to find out more!!

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It is for sure 5 Stars it is a Great book it was my fav book until I read the Twilight Series

The perfect end to a FAB trilogy. I was sad they were over. That is the sign of GOOD BOOKS!

this book is amazing i hae not long since finshed the set and wow totally loved it

This title rounds out the trilogy well. A good series for teens & tweens.

Brilliant book i particularly like the ending!!!

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