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The Story Of Ireland: A History Of The Irish People

The Story of Ireland: A History of the Irish People
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The Story Of Ireland: A History Of Th...
The Story Of Ireland: A History Of The Irish People

About book: Please use the search function on your eReading device to search for terms of interest. For your reference, the terms that appear in the print index are listed below. Abbey Theatre, DublinabbotsacculturationAct of Settlement 1652Act of UnionrepealAdamnánAdams, Gerryadministrator casteAdrian IV, PopeAdventurers’ Act 1642Áed FinnliathAedán MacGabráin of Dál RíataAgilulf of the LombardsAgricolaagriculture see also farmers; peasant tenant farmersAidan, StAiken, FrankAlaricAlexander III, PopeAlice of AbergavennyAllen, ArchbishopAlliance PartyAlliesamberAmerican Civil WarAmerican Declaration of IndependenceAmerican RevolutionAmerican War of Independence‘An Beal Bocht’ (O’Brien)An Garda Síochána (Irish civil guard)An Phoblacht (republican organ)Angevin (Plantagenet) EmpireAngleseyAnglicizationAnglo NormansAnglo–IrishAnglo–Irish Agreement 1985Anglo–Irish BankAnglo–Irish Treaty 1921Anglo-Saxon ChronicleAnnals of Four MastersAnnals of InnisfallenAnnals of Loch CéAnnals of UlsterAnne, QueenAnnegray monasteryanti-Catholicismanti-Irish sentiment (North American)Anti-Jacobin Reviewanti-papismanti-Parnell factionanti-slavery movementAntiphonary of BangorAoifeArdagh ChaliceArdnacrusha hydroelectric schemeArklowArmaghmonks ofArmagh, Book ofArmagh cathedralarms tradeArtane school, DublinAscendancyAsculphAsgard (yacht)Asquith, HerbertAston, Sir HenryÁth CliathAthloneAttlee, ClementAughrim, battle ofAugustiniansAusgleich (Compromise) 1867Austen, JaneAustraliaAustriaAustria-HungaryAustrian Bohemia‘Autumn Journal’ (McNeice)AuxiliariesAvondale ‘B Special’ reserve policeBagenal, HenryBaginbunBallykellyBalzac, Honoré deBangorBank of Irelandbanking crisisBann riverBannow IslandBarbadosBastille, storming of theBeach, Sir MichaelBeaumont, Gustave deBecket, ThomasBeckett, SamuelBede, VenerableBeggar’s Bush BarracksBelfastand the Anglo–Irish AgreementCatholic interests incontraceptive salesdevolution of law and order todock strikesand famineGerman air raids onand the Great Depressionand Home Ruleand ParnellPresbyterianand social classand social deprivationand the Troublesand Unionand the United IrishmenWilliamite occupation ofBell, The (periodical)Beltane fire‘big houses’Birmingham pub bombings 1974Birr monasteryBirrell, Augustinebishops, rise of the IrishBlack DeathBlack and Tans‘Black Week’Blackwater valleyBlaney, Neil‘blood sacrifice’Bloody SundayBloody Sunday Inquiry 2010Blount, Charles, Lord MountjoyBlueshirtsBobbio monasteryBoer WarsFirstSecondBoersBogsideBoleyn, AnneBolívar, SimónBoniface, PopeBostonBourbonsBowen, ElizabethboycottBoycott, MrBoyne, battle of theBoyne riverBreifneBrian Bóruma (Boru)BrigitBritainand FranceIrish internees inand the TroublesBritish army27th Inniskilling RegimentIrish occupationIrish servicemenRoyal ArtilleryRoyal Dublin FusiliersRoyal Irish Riflestroops on the streets of Northern IrelandUlster DivisionBritish CommonwealthBritish EmpireBritish intelligenceBritish parliamentrebellion against James IIsee also House of Commons; House of Lords; WestminsterBrodarBroighter HoardBrontë, Charlottebronze age jewelleryBrown, Ford MadoxBrowne, Archbishop GeorgeBrowne, NoelBurke, EdmundBurke, Thomas HenryButt, Isaac Cabinet (British)Caesar, Julius xCalvinismCameron, DavidCampo BelloCanadasee also United-States–Canadian frontierCape Colonycapitalism, IrishCaribbean plantationsCarlingford LoughCarlowCarnot, LazareCarrickfergusCarson, Sir EdwardCarthaginiansCasement, Sir Rogercash cropsCashel synod 1172castle-building programmesCastlebarCastlereagh, LordCastletownCatherine of AragonCatholic AssociationCatholic Churchsee also IrishCatholic Church Catholic relief bill 1792–3Catholic Truth SocietyCatholicismand Cromwellfusion with Irishnessand the Tudorssee also anti-Catholicism; French Catholicism; Irish CatholicismCatholicssee also Irish Catholicscattle barons xCavendish, Frederick‘Ceasefire’ (Longley) xxiCéide FieldsCelestine, PopeCeltic Tigercensorship cultureCensorship of Films Act 1923Censorship of Publications Act 1929census, 1911Chalmont, Charles, Marquis de St RuthChamberlain, JosephCharlemagneCharles ICharles IIChester arms depot raidChichester, Sir ArthurChinaChrist Church Cathedral, DublinChristianity xarrival in Irelandfusion with the political systemsee also Catholicism; Irish Catholics; monasteriesChurchCatholicEnglishFrankishProtestant Church of Ireland–State alliancesee also Irish Catholic Church; Irish ChurchChurch of Englandchurch-building programmesChurchill, RandolphChurchill, WinstonCisterciansCivil Rights Association (NICRA)Clann na PoblachtaClarke, AustinClarke, TomClaudy bombings 1972Cleirigh, Bean uiClement VIII, PopeClerkenwell bombingsClinton, BillClonesClonfert, monks ofClonfert, Treaty ofClonfert monasteryClonmacnoise, Crozier ofClonmacnoise monasteryClontarfbattle ofClyn, FriarCobh‘coffin ships’Cogadh Gaedhil re Gallaibh (‘War of the Irish and the Foreigners’)ColensoColeraine, Plantation ofCollectio canonum hiberniensis (700–750)College Green, DublinCollins, MichaelColumba (Colum Cille)Columbanus, StComgall, St‘Committee on Evil Literature’common lawconcentration campsConfederate armyCong, Cross ofCongoConnachtConnolly, JamesConolly, WilliamConservative Government (British)ConservativesConstantine xconstructive unionismcontraceptionCook, JamesCooney, GabrielCooper Union, New YorkCorkand the Black DeathBritish relinquish control ofFaminemonks ofMonster MeetingsViking settlementssee also North Cork militiacornmeal (Peel’s brimstone)Cornwallis, LordCosgrave, W.
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