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The Shadow Dragons (2009)

The Shadow Dragons (2009)
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1416958797 (ISBN13: 9781416958796)
Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
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The Shadow Dragons (2009)
The Shadow Dragons (2009)

About book: I think that the overall story was great and that the author put lot's of work into this book. Every chapter there's an illustration made by the author using pen which requires time and effort to make it look good. With one simple mistake on the illustrations then the illustration is ruined so you also have to be careful. To read this book you should have a wide knowledge of literature and myths and the pop culture because the author will add them everywhere in the book. This book is like the movie Shrek where there is just a bunch of fairy tales,myths, legends, etc mixed into one. In the Shadow Dragons our heroes are once more called upon to save the Archipelago of Dreams and the world that we know. Rose who had come to our world with our 3 heroes is creating a problem... she isn't aging. Alvin Ransom comes to assist John, Jack and Charles get Rose to a place of safety. This book introduces travel between dimension and the continuation of time travel. Rudyard Kipling along with Yoricks (7ft tall creatures with over sized heads with no eyes but sockets, no feathers and bird legs) come to capture Rose at all costs.Rose, we find, is the grail child. She must survive in order for WWII to end the right way.Once again it is journey though the literature of my childhood with: De Bergerac, Sir Lancelot, Guinevere, Chaucer, Shakespeare, Nathaniel Hawthorn, Mark Twain, Hans Christian Anderson . We also learn that Poe is he prime cartaker and lives on Nameless Island.The journey of our heroes is not over as the Shadow King, they thought they had killed, is not really "dead".
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I need to try this one again, just didn't get into this time.
I just can't put theses books down!!
ı lowe james owen books
Awesome book
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