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The Profilers

The Profilers
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Suzanne Steele
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The Profilers
The Profilers

About book: Everything appeared to be commonplace until a new member was noted. Huh, what an odd avatar—a cuckoo with the profile name, endangered.
    The killer’s fingers flew over the keyboard as a search was done to see if that really was the case with that breed of fowl. Sure enough, the yellow-billed cuckoo came up as being an endangered species.
    Next to do was strike up a conversation with the new member.
    “Hello, you’re new here? That’s an interesting profile name and avatar you have.”
    “Yes, I do quite a bit of philanthropy work with endangered birds.”
    “What is your intrigue with them?”
    “I guess the fact they are categorized in families and though they migrate to Africa nine months out of the year, they don’t sing while there. That’s kind of how I feel sometimes—like I have a song in me but can’t sing because of my circumstances.”
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