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Read The Pregnancy Secret (Harlequin Romance Large Print) (2015)

The Pregnancy Secret (Harlequin Romance Large Print) (2015)

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The Pregnancy Secret (Harlequin Romance Large Print) (2015) - Plot & Excerpts

She usually parked in the back, but such was her sense of urgency, she had decided to cut seconds by parking out front instead.
    Her sense of her life spiraling out of her control deepened at what awaited her. All the living room furniture was on the front lawn, with the exception of Behemoth, which, as she already knew, could not fit through the front door. At least she hoped the furniture on the front lawn indicated there had been no invasion of her office.
    Gathering herself, Jessica went up the steps. The front door to her house was open. She peered in. Her living room was emptied of furniture.
    Kade was glaring down at some instructions in his hand. There was a machine there that looked like a huge floor polisher, only it had a bag attached to it, like a lawn mower. Though it felt like further weakness, she stood there for a minute regarding him, loving the look of him.
    He looked big and broad and strong.

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