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The Perfect Ingredient (Dare Valley)

The Perfect Ingredient (Dare Valley)
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The Perfect Ingredient (Dare Valley)
The Perfect Ingredient (Dare Valley)

About book: Talking about Terrance’s upcoming dance class.
Clustered together in the large salon in The Grand’s penthouse, the guys were reclining on a massive sectional, beers in their hands. Rye had arrived with his friends from Dare River: Clayton Chandler, who helped manage his career, and John Parker McGuiness, who served as his lawyer and sometimes songwriter. The trio had known each other since college, and Terrance had met them through Rhett and Mac over a game of poker.
Rhett had sold him out to the guys without pity. Clayton laughed so hard, he had to wipe tears from his eyes.
“You’re dancing for a date?” he wheezed out. “I know Vixen is—was—hot, but seriously, T, have you gone plumb crazy?”
Their Southernisms never failed to amuse him. He knew the term was different than the plums that grew on trees, but Terrance had no idea how anyone had come up with such a phrase. Still, he wasn’t about to crack a smile anytime soon.
“I think it’s romantic,” John Parker said, the only one who wasn’t laughing uproariously.
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