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The Perdition Score (2016)

The Perdition Score (2016)
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The Perdition Score (2016)
The Perdition Score (2016)

About book: Candy doesn’t wake up and Allegra is asleep next to Vidocq. I take the call in the kitchen.
“Elsabeth called. It sounds like you had a busy night,” says Abbot.
“Consider Burgess an early Christmas present.”
“You’ll be interested to know that a lot of powerful people vanished into thin air last night.”
“Write their names down. There’s your list of Wormwood heavies.”
“I’m already on it. Elsabeth is leaving the country,” he says.
“You told her I wouldn’t hurt her, right?”
“I did, but you did murder her husband. Even if she didn’t like him, it’s a shock.”
“That prick is fine. Probably having piña coladas in Hell with Norris Quay right now.”
Abbot takes a breath.
“It’s too bad we can’t do anything about that. A shock like that could bring Wormwood down.”
“Who says I can’t do anything about it?”
“You said you’d lost that kind of power.”
“There’s more than one way to skin a flounder.”
Abbot says, “If that means you can hurt Wormwood in their sanctuary, I’ll do everything I can to help.”
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