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The Man Who Loved Birds (2016)

The Man Who Loved Birds (2016)
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University Press of Kentucky
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The Man Who Loved Birds (2016)
The Man Who Loved Birds (2016)

About book: “Careful of the poison ivy.” He pointed with his stick. “I can knock down spider webs and scare away snakes but you got to watch out for poison ivy on your own.” “As a child I played in jungles inhabited by leopards and crocodiles. I am capable of watching out for myself, thank you.” “Suit yourself.” They continued down the path. “If this was winter I could show you a sight. There’s a holly tree on the edge of a creek, ever year loaded with berries and ever year this flock of cedar waxwings comes through and shows up right when the holly berries have froze and thawed and set to fermenting and then the day comes, they figure it out ever year, and you’ll see that tree covered with those little guys duded up in their party clothes, ever limb with a cedar waxwing on it like they’ve come together for a big party and all sitting on that green tree with the bright red berries like they was posing for a Christmas card. And then what do they do but eat the berries for the buzz, you know, for the alcohol from the fermenting.
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