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The Laws Of Attraction (2005)

The Laws of Attraction (2005)
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0373246811 (ISBN13: 9780373246816)
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The Laws Of Attraction (2005)
The Laws Of Attraction (2005)

About book: I probably liked this book more than the previous ones from Rose Cottage Sisters series. Still, I found some flaws that were bothering me through the book.The first flaw was probably how fast both Josh and Ashley started to think about marriage. Seriously, two weeks have passed, you don't even know what the guy is doing for a living, and you are thinking about marrying him??? That's unrealistic.The secong thing that bothered me was how Ashley was described. She is supposed to be 150 cm height, but has long legs. That's impossible. I can't even imagine a grown-up woman being so short. Is she a dwarf or something?Despite that, I liked this book more thant the others. Probably because it didn't only talk about love, but about work, career as well. It was interesting to read about Ashley's struggles, how she couldn't decide what she wants to do with her future after she made a big mistake at work. So this book had more diversity, I guess.By the way, the lithuanian cover of this book is so much much prettier than the editions I can find on goodreads. Seriously, why the lithuanian edition of this book isn't avaible here?
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