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The Honour Of The Knights (First Edition)

The Honour of the Knights (First Edition)
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Stephen Sweeney
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The Honour Of The Knights (First Edit...
The Honour Of The Knights (First Edition)

About book: Owing to the direction of their approach, the starport was obscured from the White Knights behind the far side of Arlos; and as he rounded the dull planet, Dodds expected to see a flurry of activity from their dodecahedral-shaped destination.
Contrary to his expectation, the starport was quiet and appeared to be all but abandoned. The normal glow of lights and other illuminations that would have welcomed travels were absent, the port’s lifelessness echoing that of the rest of the star system. He got the feeling that the port wished to convey the impression that it had been out of use for quite some time, its previous residents having upped and left many years ago.
It was the second time in almost as many days that Dodds’ destination had presented him with a cold and dead demeanour, and it was a theme that was starting to become all too common. The only indication that the port was not as dead and lifeless as it would have had one believe was the presence of a solitary cargo vessel resting near by; though it too was shrouded in darkness.
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