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About book: After a few minutes, a young woman with a crying little boy at her leg opened her door and looked at Ross through the glass. Ross lifted his toolbox up and smiled, thinking that here was his chance to see if there was any truth to Reece’s adage about how you could go anywhere and steal anything as long as you carried a toolbox.
She opened the door. “You for the sink? Apartment two?”
“No, ma’am,” he’d said cheerfully. “Cable company, got to go up to the roof for a minute.”
“That’s great,” she said, her back already turned. “TV but no water, that’s what I need.”
He continued up to Teague’s apartment, which was in the back of the building, top floor. He knocked, and then waited quietly. Nothing. He continued up the back stairway to the roof.
Ross squinted in the bright sunlight as he walked casually over to the tar-covered roof and onto the roof of Teague’s small deck overlooking the parking lot. In case anyone was looking, he pulled out a tape measure and a pocketknife and played the part of a building super, picking at the rot in the frame.
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