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The Gentleman's Bride Search

The Gentleman's Bride Search
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The Gentleman's Bride Search
The Gentleman's Bride Search

About book: No one at Amberwood seemed to mind as they got busy preparing for their concert under the direction of Miss Webster with the capable assistance of Miss Fairfax.
    Watching the two women in action amused Jasper. Though the governess appeared to defer to Miss Webster in every particular, he suspected she was the driving force behind the project. She assisted in the choice of pieces, helped arrange the order of the program and made certain everyone involved had sufficient practice.
    In Jasper’s experience, the qualities that made a strong leader often did not include compassion or a sense of fairness, but Evangeline Fairfax possessed both in abundance. The pupils at her charity school would be fortunate indeed to have her in charge of their care. He tried not to regret what his children would be losing.
    As Margaret Webster immersed herself in preparations for the concert, Jasper was pleased to find that she no longer avoided his company.
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