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Read The Friendship Matchmaker Goes Undercover (2012)

The Friendship Matchmaker Goes Undercover (2012)

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The Friendship Matchmaker Goes Undercover (2012) - Plot & Excerpts

Lara wants to make sure everyone has a best friend. It doesn't matter that she doesn't, because it's understood that she is far to busy helping others to have time for that herself. But when a new girl (who is disturbingly uncaring about others' perceptions of her) challenges Lara to see who can make a better friendship match comes to town, things get hairy for Lara. Abdel-Fattah does a nice job of setting up a main character and her mission, even dispensing bits of the yet to be published Manual of making and keeping friends throughout the novel. The characters and language are authentic to a middle schoolers. While the focus here is on middle school friendship, it is refreshing that the focus is not popularity. Lara understands that while popularity might be nice, the only thing a person really needs to get through middle school is one really good friend (and a caring family plays an important role too). This book slowly reveals the true value and meaning of friendship with honesty and humor. Recommended for gr. 4+ Seventh grader Lara Zany is the friendship matchmaker at her middle school. Following along her story as she matchmaker friends at her school and later you discover how she started this journey to become the friendship matchmaker. However, a new student Emily Wong comes into the new school year and shakes things up for Lara and the rest of her peers at Potts County Middle School. How do you really make friends? What are the aspects you and others need to have deep friendships? What are the rules to keep good friendships? What will Lara learn from Emily? Will Lara end up having a best friend herself? Read this funny and insightful book in the lives of middle schoolers and friendships.

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Junior-high level book about a girl who tries to fix people up with best friends. Cute.

Could not finish (not did not finish, could not finish)

looks cute - borrow from Tangara


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