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The First Dragon (2013)

The First Dragon (2013)
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Simon & Schuster
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The First Dragon (2013)
The First Dragon (2013)

About book: If only I'd had time to reread each and every book in the series before starting this last book, I think it would have made me love it and appreciate it even more. That being said, though it took a few chapters to refresh my memory, I ended up loving this conclusion to the series. I would love to do a reread at some point! I think it would help clarify some things for me, to connect all the little things together. The book begins with the caretakers in quite a mess. The destruction of the keep has changed everything, threatened everything, and much is lost seemingly forever. The number one priority is recovering three people who have been lost somewhere in time: Charles, Rose, Edmund. But though that is the number one priority for all, it's not easy to agree how to go about a rescue, or even to conclusively say that rescue is possible. At the start of the novel, they have no way at all to travel through time. A few caretakers have ideas, but, essentially if a rescue is to come it will be through experimentation. A rescue operation might have to be a "secret" operation. I really enjoyed spending time with these characters again. This one had so many twists and turns, though twists and turns have always, always been a part of this series. It was a very enjoyable read. What a great finish to a great series.Although I'll admit that I've been confused at times, this was a great ender to the series. Time travel tends to hurts my brainz, but Owen seems to have a good handle on it, so I sort of just follow along, and latch on to the characters that I love most. The best part of this series is that there is so much going on: with each re-read, you're able to read something new, follow a new character's journey more closely, and see more of the bigger picture.I thought the author's note at the end was interesting, especially the format in which Owen originally planned to tell the story.
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Debated between 3 and four stars, but went with 4 because the series goes out on a high note.
Need a definite re-read before I can form coherent thoughts about this book.
A very nice way to wrap up this series.
Lovely ending to a good series.
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