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The First Book Of Demons (The Book Of Demons Saga)

The First Book of Demons (The Book of Demons Saga)
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The First Book Of Demons (The Book Of...
The First Book Of Demons (The Book Of Demons Saga)

About book: Baal asked, his calloused finger lifting Alexandra’s chin so he could examine her features.  She jerked her face away, struggling against her bonds.  “I’m not telling you anything,” she spat, wincing as the rope holding her cut into the soft skin of her wrists.
    Baal pulled his hand back and slapped her hard across the cheek with his open palm.  The force of the blow threatened to blacken Alexandra’s vision.  Her face stung from the assault, but she restrained herself from crying out.
    “What are you?” Baal asked again, the calm in his voice sending a chill through Alex.
    Still she refused to answer.  She starred up at the demon, her green eyes alight with the fire of her defiance.
    “You will answer me, child” Baal said, leaning in close to Alex, his rank breath filling her nose.  “Allow me to question the girl,” Raza cut in as he stepped into the tent, “I will get answers out of her one way or another.”
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