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The Faerie Ring (2011)

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0765327228 (ISBN13: 9780765327222)
Tor Teen / Macmillan

The Faerie Ring (2011) - Plot & Excerpts

I'm reading the Hungarian translation, the translators tell me the original gets kitschy/corny at places (which they toned down for the Hungarian edition) and I value their opinion.EDIT: It does get kitschy/corny even in the Hungarian translation, esp at the Clara parts, which get so heart-wrenching, cuddlymuddly and syrupy that I nearly puke on the page. Honestly I can't wait her to die (all the drama for such an insignificant, uninteresting char) but spoiled myself enough to know she's not gonna do us that favor -_- Also the protagonist has an ever worsening case of Mary-Sue. Not irritating enuf for me to give up yet, but I feel that moment is not far ahead.EDIT no.2: I made it, I finished this syrup-fest. Yay me! -_- Set in old London this story is about an orphan named Tiki who has made herself a makeshift home new Charing Cross with other orphans and they have become a little family. Tiki is a professional pickpocketer and this is the only way they survive to have food and coal to keep warm. Tiki steals a ring from Queen Victoria and this ring is connected to the fairie world. Tiki has a marking oin her wrist that she never knew what it was but it is a fairie symbol. Tiki meets someone by the name if Rieker who has a double life, he dresses as a beggar st times but is wealthy and friends with Queen Victoria's son Leopold.

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I love a strong female character who can take care of herself, but is willing to let someone in.

intriguing story about a victorian girl in London , getting entangled in the fairy world..

Quick easy read with some cute characters. I will be reading the next one I'm sure.

I read this earlier this year, I guess I never decided to log it, and um, yeah.

An awesome book.

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