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Read The Enchanter's Forest (2008)

The Enchanter's Forest (2008)

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0340923857 (ISBN13: 9780340923856)
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The Enchanter's Forest (2008) - Plot & Excerpts

It is midsummer 1195. An impoverished man claims to have discovered Merlin’s tomb and builds a hostel for pilgrims while spreading the word that his find is a place of miracles. This blasphemous intrusion is deeply resented both by the community at Hawkenlye Abbey and the pagan people of the forest. Though the finger of blame points at both communities following the man’s murder, the perennial sleuths Josse d’Acquin and Abbess Helewise soon discover that other parties also had an interest in his death. His wife does not seem distressed at his passing, possibly because she is pregnant despite having not slept with her husband for nearly six months.

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