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The Dragons Of Winter (2012)

The Dragons of Winter (2012)
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The Dragons Of Winter (2012)
The Dragons Of Winter (2012)

About book: I have loved this series since I first began reading it with my boys. The way the author combines history, fiction, mythology, etc. to create a new story worth waiting for is breath taking. This was a wonderful continuation of the story, and when you read it please don't forget the epilogue. That is the most important part of the story, so says the author. I'm thrilled to know the last is out already. The blessing for forgetting a series while waiting for the next to come out? The library will bring me the magic in a few days, and I can not wait. I'm starting to see a pattern to the way I read long series. The first book I devour. The middle books drag on (I swear, no pun intended). Then, sometime after the halfway point, the slope points down and I breeze through the last few books.By the time I got to Dragons of Winter, the slope had begun, and this was a fast read. All the assorted threads of story are starting to come together. Owen's typical start a line......and finish it dramaticallygambit was used to better effect in this book than in previous ones. When I mentally hit backspace to get the dramatic finish on the same line as the start, I could see that it really was better the way he'd written it.Notes on character: Charles and the badgers are always my favorites. Rose is getting Mary Sue, though remains likable. Aside from that, honestly no one made an impression. I'm looking forward to the last book.
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This was probably my least favorite book of the series, but nonetheless it was still a great read!
Again, not bad, but this series needed to finish a couple of books ago. Repetitive.
My favorite of the series, so far. Definitely want to read the next one.
oh dear. now i have to wait for the last book.
Awesome book
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