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The Commitment (The Unrestrained #2)

The Commitment (The Unrestrained #2)
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S. E. Lund
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The Commitment (The Unrestrained #2)
The Commitment (The Unrestrained #2)

About book: This morning, he was lying on his back, a pillow over his face, but as usual, he was naked, the sheets in disarray around him. I studied the muscles on his abdomen, noting the way his hair grew in a thin line from his navel to his pubes, the delicious curve of one buttock and the inviting angle of his hip. It aroused me, sketching him like that, and I hoped he wasn't busy so that we could have sex. Finally, I climbed into bed and snuggled down beneath the blankets. He hopped out of bed once more, leaving me alone on the bed. He went right to the bathroom and I heard him pee, then he started the shower. Before he got in, he peeked his head around the door and caught my eye."Join me?"I smiled and got up, only too happy to do so.We showered together and I was careful not to try to push him, despite my eagerness to have sex. He watched me while I washed myself, and then took hold of my hips when I bent down to wash my feet."Ms. Bennet you look entirely edible this morning. You're giving me ideas…" He pulled me up and against him, his hands sliding up my body, cupping my breasts, tweaking my nipples.
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