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The Broken Road Cafe (2013)

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The Broken Road Cafe (2013) - Plot & Excerpts

Well played, Tom, well played. That was quite a cliffhanger you got there. I'm starting volume two right now.I enjoyed this short book way too much. I loved both Dan and Nick, and I HATED Abe and Greg with all my might. Still do, and I hardly think that'll change. I hope they both get hit by a bus - and I rarely wish that to any book characters-.Dan is a lawyer (and partner) in a very important firm. After things start to go ugly in his place of work he takes off and goes back home just to face what will be one of the most terrible days of his life. In an attempt to run away from that (and find himself, tbh) he ends up in a small town, away from the city... and, buying a restaurant (i should consider doing that... when i win the lotterym that is). In his way to his new life he meets Nick.Nick is the Chief in the town Dan's moving into. At first things aren't quite warm between them... They send each other deadly glares more often than not but there's something there.., And I was quite pleased with it... ;)Nice little read... And, Tom... That cookie recipe is something I'm gonna try soon! As an avid cook I appreciated that so very much.Off to the next installment! Re-read 8/3/2014 so that I can remember all the details before I start reading the second episode of this serial. This second time around, I liked it even better. Webb's writing style is so readable. His dialogue is quick, snappy, intelligent and amusing. His characters are multi-dimensional and the plot is starting to come together in a way that I'm enjoying very much.Ramped up from a 3 to a 3.5 rating.

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Beautifully orchestrated Act 1 of an interesting new series. It makes you feel all warm and fuzzy.

Liked this - TA Webb is turning out to be someone I look forward to reading

3.5 stars

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