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The Best Of Daughters (2012)

The Best of Daughters (2012)
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Random House
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The Best Of Daughters (2012)
The Best Of Daughters (2012)

About book: ‘What’s going on?’ he demanded, glaring at Bowman who had released Daisy and was regarding him with a cynical curl of his lip.
‘What does it look like, Captain?’ ‘It looks as though you were being rather too familiar.’ Rupert turned his attention to Daisy and his eyes flashed with anger. ‘Was this fellow bothering you, Daisy?’ ‘No, Rupert. You’ve got it all wrong. You know that I can’t stand the sight of blood and I’m afraid I passed out in the butcher’s shop. Such an embarrassing thing to happen.’ His expression changed to one of concern. ‘Are you all right now?’ He placed his arm around her shoulders. ‘Let me take you home.’ ‘That’s just what I was about to do,’ Bowman said, clenching his fists at his sides. ‘What’s the problem, Captain?’ Rupert shot a scornful look at the motorcycle. ‘You’re thinking of taking Miss Lennox on that suicidal machine? You must be mad. You’ll come with me, Daisy.’ She knew it was useless to argue.
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