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Stranger At The Beach House

Stranger at the beach house
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Stranger At The Beach House
Stranger At The Beach House

About book: It had only been a week but it felt like an age, so much had changed since I had seen her last that it suddenly felt like forever. She took a step back to look at me. “Wow,” she grinned, “you look fantastic, Rose, the sea air suits you. I couldn’t wait to get here, we’ve been so worried,” she smiled, looking at Dave who nodded at me, rolling his eyes and laughing.
Becoming a mother had changed Lizzie and it wasn’t only Alfie who she showered her maternal instincts on. I had also become a little project for her.
“We needn’t have been though. It looks very much like I’ve got my old friend back,” she smiled affectionately.
 “I couldn’t have got here without you both, thank you,” I smiled back, pulling them into a hug as Harry bounded out to join us.
 “Dump your bags in there. Sam’s got cocktails next door. Let’s get this party started,” he laughed.
 “He hasn’t changed,” Lizzie chuckled as I took the bags from Dave.
 “You go ahead, I’ll just pop these in your room and lock up,”
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