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Standing By (Road House)

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Standing By (Road House) - Plot & Excerpts

She wasn’t certain they would be able to follow her, but Max had eyes and ears around town. They would need to head to some place quiet. A place that they wouldn’t think to look. Pan grinned. Only one place would work.
The city slowly started to fade as they followed the roads outside of town. Finally, a good twenty minutes later, they stopped at a small diner. She was happy they had made it in time. Most things shut down around here at ten. Half an hour more and they would be hunkered down in some shed.
“Hop off, kid.” Pan loosened the grip he had on her waist.
“Where are we?” the boy asked.
She took her helmet off and shook her long, brown locks.
“A friend of mine owns the place. We can chill here until things die down.”
She turned and finally got a good look at the boy. Slightly unkempt black hair framed his tan cherub-like face. His hazel eyes were so wide and expressive she felt just inches away from pulling him into a bear hug. The wonder and awe she found there touched her in ways she hadn’t expected.

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