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Sins Of Omission (1989)

Sins of Omission (1989)
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Sins Of Omission (1989)
Sins Of Omission (1989)

About book: Well written but I has some serious problems with the logic of this book. (Spoiler alert) I am supposed to believe that someone can get so drunk that they mistake a short 17 year old for a 42 year old woman with whom you have been sleeping with and that that extremely inebriated person would be able to pin down and maintain an erection (whiskey dick not withstanding) forcibly rape said 17 year old. Really Fern, really? Then he loves Mickey (the 42 year old) so much that he can't tell her the truth and decides to leave and then marry the 17 because it seems like a good idea? I am all about verisimilitude but it can only stretch so far. Reading about Reuben who digs himself a hole, fills it with shit then jumps in it, I have no sympathy for anyone in this book. I threw the book down the stairs after making myself finish it. Ugh.
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