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Simmer: Erotic Romance (Fireside Series)

Simmer: Erotic Romance (Fireside Series)
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Simmer: Erotic Romance (Fireside Series)
Simmer: Erotic Romance (Fireside Series)

About book: She attempted to readjust her body in order to be more comfortable, knowing that she would have to wait a long time before Levi got out of work to come pick her up. She had no interest, however, in going upstairs and spending the next hour listening to her roommate complain about either the five boyfriends she had or the crazy party she was at last night. Perhaps at one point that would’ve been something that Victoria had been interested in, but ever since she and Levi had gotten serious there was no reason for Victoria to worry about frat boys or what new tattoo she should get on Spring Break.
    Victoria’s Spring Break wouldn’t be spent on a beach somewhere.  Instead, she would be cozied up with her boyfriend, Levi. Boyfriend didn’t even seem like the right word, partner or best friend made more sense. Levi had rented a small cabin in the woods for the two of them. Victoria finally had time to really embrace the trip only an hour before, when she packed a bag full of long sleeved shirts and tight fitting jeans.
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