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Secret Love

Secret Love
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Secret Love
Secret Love

About book: “, I gasped and we just still caught the train as the starting whistle sounded.After air struggling we sat down there saw us in.... and snorted off before laughter. We were in playful mood and laughed at every joke of the other.Affectionately I cuddled up to Sita... and enjoyed her nearness.At this moment active ladies sat down exactly towards from us and stared at us openly.Her watery eyes were expressionless.In a hurry I sat down again normally and avoided every touch with Sita.The old lady showed clearly her disregard... apparently was not to be divided to her probably the place with us.Nervously she pressed her handbag firmly against herself and remained in distrustful position.Suddenly Sita.... giggled in bewilderment I stared at her....A roguish look of her betrayed …. she has  something planned.!! Slowly she stroked my cheeks and moved up to me. She moistened with an enticing look in my direction, besides, quite provocative her lips...Not without effect....The complexion of the old ladies changed from pale too scarlet.....
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