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Royal Ransom (2015)

Royal Ransom (2015)
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Royal Ransom (2015)
Royal Ransom (2015)

About book: "Jamie Ransom, a thirteen-year-old Cree boy, is surprised when his cousin asks him to help escort some people through Canada's North. His surprise turns to astonishment when he discovers that the group includes the young Prince Andrew and his older sister, Victoria, who are next in line for the British throne.Despite the fact that the children's royal identity has been discovered, the trip goes ahead - after all, they'll be travelling through the wilderness, hundreds of kilometres from the nearest town. How could they possibly be in any danger?But it isn't long before kidnappers strike and all the grown-ups in the group are taken hostage. Now the children are stranded and must battle their way back to civilization. In the menacing northern landscape, Jamie, Victoria and Andrew find themselves on the run - from bears, white-water rapids and the nefarious villains. But Victoria's smarts more than make up for her brother's whining, and Jamie finds that only by working together can they finally reach safety."
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