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Release: New Adult Sport Romance (Fire And Ice)

Release: New Adult Sport Romance (Fire and Ice)
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Sugarloaf Press
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Release: New Adult Sport Romance (Fir...
Release: New Adult Sport Romance (Fire And Ice)

About book: I hop down from my truck, and my feet crunch icy snow. I’m refreshed and ready for a great ski day. While I get to go home and sleep as much as I want every night, Kaleb doesn’t. We haven’t had more than a few stolen moments alone, and something weighs heavy on my mind. I need to tell him about Lucas. I’m being selfish not sharing my past. He deserves to know the truth about who I am.A breeze blows my hair back as I weave through the crowded parking lot. Kaleb has to be wondering what the other morning was about. He’s such a great guy that he hasn’t asked, but I feel like it’s the elephant in the room and it’s time to deal with it. I wonder if he has googled me and read about my affair. The headlines still burn in my memory. Skater Seduced by Father Figure. Or the cleverer version: Olympian Spins out of Control. My stomach lurches as I recall the humiliation, and I look out over the mountain range at the cloudless blue sky. Tonight is New Year’s Eve. The Bike Shop will close early, and I promised Kaleb I would make dinner so he could have an early evening to catch up on sleep.
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