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Putting On Airs

Putting on Airs
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Regency Pen Publishing
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Putting On Airs
Putting On Airs

About book: Cartwright and Mrs. Barton joined to scold Imogene about her behavior, expressing their "utter shock" and "sheer horror", and how she quite humiliated herself, her family, and above all, her betrothed.  Their lecture was stopped when the guests of honor entered the room: the Cole family—new residents of the town.  Imogene was one of the first to be introduced to them.  There was Mrs. Amelia Cole, a sweet woman who was widowed not three years ago.  The lavish estate was divided between her two sons; she would stay with one during winter, and the other during summer.  Her younger son, Phillip, was bright and charming—so good-humored, that as soon as he entered the room and was introduced to a lady, he entered into the dance with her.  The elder son, Henry, was quite the handsomest man in the room, and Anthony's admirers were soon lost to the elder Mr. Cole.  The youngest of the family was the daughter, Nell, whose warm smile dazzled brighter than the chandelier.
          Avoiding her cousin, Imogene joined Jane in speaking to Mrs.
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