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Psychic Siblings (The Helmsworth Project)

Psychic Siblings (The Helmsworth Project)
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Arrabella Publishing
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Psychic Siblings (The Helmsworth Proj...
Psychic Siblings (The Helmsworth Project)

About book: “What do you want us to do?”Seth looked at Jenna and Brian and said, “I want you two to go with Ken and pack a bag with several changes of clothes. I’ll wait here while Claire gets everything covered here at the library and then we’ll join you.”Claire looked at Jenna and then spoke softly, “Jenna, get everything you can from the safe room. Brian, make sure you don’t forget the floor safe.”Seth was impressed, “Your parents had a safe room in your house?”Claire nodded, “It never really meant much until now. I think they probably knew this day would come and wanted to be prepared.”Seth nodded, “Probably.” Turning to Ken, he told him, “Get going. I’ll bring Claire back in her vehicle. Make sure their cells get ditched as well.”Jenna and Brian started to protest this statement, when Seth told them, “If they have Claire’s cell phone, what makes you think they don’t have yours?”“I already turned mine off.”“Good girl. Let’s get a move on. Take care of whatever you need to here, but I want to be headed out of here in the next ten minutes.”Claire nodded and followed her siblings and Ken out of her office.
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