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Pride (Bareknuckle Boxing Brotherhood Book 3)

Pride (Bareknuckle Boxing Brotherhood Book 3)
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Pride (Bareknuckle Boxing Brotherhood...
Pride (Bareknuckle Boxing Brotherhood Book 3)

About book: When she’d suggested staying open, because she was not particularly religious herself, Rabbie had responded with a horror that made it seem as if she’d suggested burning Jesus in effigy on the Cheek’s doorstep.
    She’d quickly surrendered the point and spent the day doing some deep cleaning, possibly the first that the place had seen in decades. Then she baked two double batches of lasagna for Monday night’s special and an extra batch of her Bolognese sauce to have on hand for the week ahead.
    She liked cooking alone, the heat from the oven warming the chilly old place, humming the tunes Mattie had always sung to her. When she looked up and saw Bronny Dolan standing in the doorway, she jumped, splattering the sauce from her spoon across the kitchen. It splashed up the whitewashed wall like a bloodstain, and she laughed.
    “Did I give you a fright?”
    “Nah, you more scared the crap out of me, Bronny.
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