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Play Me (2008)

Play Me (2008)
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Harper Teen
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Play Me (2008)
Play Me (2008)

About book: The book "Play Me" by Laura Ruby is about some teenagers that had entered into a contest at the MTV channel. The contest that they had entered was about making a show that everyone was able to watch on TV. Their show was called "Riot Grrl 16." Eddy was the writer, director, and cameraman--the mastermind. He did everything that he could for the show and as well to win the contest which meant a lot to him. Eddy's friends helped him as well with the show they were involved in the show so they were an important part of the show with out them Eddy wouldn't have any characters. Since they were still in the contest they had to make an episode for each week and had to put it up the day that was due if they wouldn't put it up they would be disqualified from the contest. People online would have to vote for the best show and as well rate it. If they didn't have enough votes that would be disqualified from the contest. Fantastic read with modern elements and unique twists. As for the tagline about "a player gets played" - the story didn't go in the direction I thought it would so it's not predictable. I really like YA that's about that jumping-off point of leaving high school and moving on. Laura Ruby captures it perfectly with the various characters' different plans and suspicions that they won't see some former friends any more. The movie references were a bit heavy for me at times. I like movies, but not to the point of constantly quoting them. Funny how this book is only from 5 years ago (2008) and already the MySpace references are dated. Crazy. Ruby created several strong female characters who are fun to watch interact with the male protagonist. "... I'm still trying to kiss her when she breaks the kiss. She pats my cheek so gently when she says,"Eddy I'm sorry. I just don't feel that bad about myself anymore." If you missed this one by Laura Ruby I recommend reading it now.
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I was disappointed!! it was okay-ish...not a terrible story but wasn't the best one I have read
I liked the pop culture in here. But that's about it. I think I was expecting something else.
It started off slow, but then once it started getting good I enjoyed it.
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