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Other Alice

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Other Alice - Plot & Excerpts

THERE was still more to read, but my head was too full of Gypsy and Piper to concentrate.
    Gypsy was still standing by the window, unmoving, when I went to her side.
    ‘I’ve read the pages,’ I said quietly. ‘I know how you lost your voice.’ Without warning, she seized a cup next to the sink and turned, hurling it at the opposite wall. I flinched as it smashed, broken china flying everywhere. Gypsy’s face was no longer blank.
    It was alive with rage. I backed away from her, crawling on to the bunk bed and shielding myself with a cushion as she turned and grabbed whatever was to hand.
    The cat zipped past, ears flat to her head and tail sticking out like a bottlebrush. ‘She’s gone mad!’ she yowled.
    I saw Piper duck down to look through the window, and heard him swear. ‘Gypsy!’ The crashing continued as he stopped the engine and brought us to a halt. He appeared in the cabin, his boots crunching over glass.

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