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Nights In Black Lace (2008)

Nights In Black Lace (2008)
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Nights In Black Lace (2008)
Nights In Black Lace (2008)

About book: The shutters were closed, but not all the way. The sky of Paris was a pearl gray.He guessed it was, oh, a little after six o’clock in the morning. Bryan sighed with contentment. He had done his manly duty by her and gotten maximum pleasure out of it.What a woman. He was going to dream about her in black lace for the rest of his life.The thought made his heart beat faster. Hell. He looked down at her wonderful face and felt a flash of sudden sadness.Deep as their sexual connection had been, he wasn’t some kid who was going to mistake the way he’d been all shook up by her for love.Romantic as the city of lights was, he still wasn’t walking around in a movie and Paris wasn’t a backdrop.It was her home town. Not his, though. Bryan sighed and Odette stirred in her sleep.“Sorry, angel,” he murmured.She moved off him and lay on her side, lost in a dream.Of him?He was vain enough to hope so. He even hoped that she wouldn’t miss him when the day came—hell. He’d seen her use the little laptop in the kitchen that she kept plugged in to check e-mail and the weather widget.
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