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Night Mare (2012)

Night Mare (2012)
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Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
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Night Mare (2012)
Night Mare (2012)

About book: Colt demands. He rides Bullet forward, placing himself between me and the tall, gangly boy with slicked-back black hair.
“You heard me,” the boy says. “I want to know if she’s the one who stole my horse.” He points at me again. “She obviously is. I’d know my horse anywhere.”
“You’re crazy!” Colt snaps.
I should be jumping in here, but I can’t. My head is forming words, but my mouth can’t get them out.
My dad steps out of the house. I expect him to agree with Colt, to kick this stranger out of our yard. “Let’s all be calm here. Colt, you need to go home now.”
This isn’t making any sense. “Wh-why, Dad?”
“Please,” Dad says.
Colt glances back at me. I don’t want him to leave. He frowns from my dad to the boy to me. Then he signs, Call me. And he gallops away on Bullet.
I want to gallop after them.
Mom comes out of the house. Behind her is some woman I’ve never met. She’s a head shorter than my mother but about twice as big around. Her light-blonde hair is wound on top of her head like a snake ready to strike.
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