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New Markets - 02

New Markets - 02
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Kevin Gerald Rau
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New Markets - 02
New Markets - 02

About book: - New Markets     Chapter 17 – The Cell  Rael’s Viewpoint     I woke up, my head was groggy.  I lay on a table of some sort.  I tried sitting up, but something blocked the movement.
Looking down I saw a clamp holding down my biceps, and another restraining my forearm.  I felt more around my legs, neck and torso.  Whoever is doing this isn’t taking chances.
A drip bag hung on my left, the tube running down into my left elbow.  I noticed that I still had on just the shorts I wore to bed.
The room was only about ten feet long and wide.  Very heavy bars blocked the only open wall.  I heard footsteps walking down the hall toward me, and quickly lay my head back and closed my eyes.
The footsteps walked past my room from the left to the right, and then turned around and went back the other direction.
I strained my left arm, trying to rip off the clamp, but it appeared to be extremely heavy duty.  The effects of the drug appeared to be going away, I felt stronger by the moment.
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